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    Site Toilet

    HSE Requirements

    Should be suitable and sufficient, ventilated, lit and kept in a clean and orderly condition. Washing facilities must be provided so that workers can use them immediately after using the toilet or urinal, even if they are provided elsewhere.

    Washing Facilities

    HSE Requirements

    General washing facilities must be suitable and sufficient, kept clean and orderly and with basins or sinks large enough for people to wash their face, hands and forearms.

    They should include:

    - Clean hot/cold or warm running water.

    -Soap or other suitable means of cleaning

    -Towels or other suitable means of drying and showers where the nature of the work is particularly dirty or there is a need to decontaminate.

    Four Jays Commercial Toilets – event toilets are also available (see event hire pages)

    These units are available in either trailer or very smart Designer wash room formats. These are vacuum flush style and can be erected into any area to produce a very high standard amenity.

    We have other disabled toilets available in the prestige event fleet.

    We also have our event fleet of chemical poly cubicles which are kept to the highest standard therefore unsuitable for building sites. We are able to deliver these units individually or in bulk depending on the size of the event.

    Site Toilet