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A wedding to remember

As soon as Heidi and Steven became engaged the dream and challenge was to arrange the wedding at Heidi’s home, combining their love of horses, dogs and the garden overlooking the sand school stables and special views.

The proviso was, it had to be the 1st April to conform to the school holiday period, Heidi has a career in education and very little time in her life to get the important things done.

They set about, with parents to re landscape the garden to level the slope enough to accommodate the marquee. This was no small task but all was progressing well until disaster struck, a retaining wall gave way putting back all the hard work.

This caused much head scratching and tense times but rebuilding work commenced to keep on target

A visit from Four Jays to assist in alternative plans and determination from all the family pushed the project onwards. With only a few months left and poor weather conditions, the ground was still a soft expanse of sticky mud and there still needed to be grass laid, planting and tidying up!

The due date was fast approaching but all finally came together, a further visit on site with Four Jays to re-jig the marquee, catering area and loos to fit the space all worked. When the day came everything, especially Heidi, looked just perfect.

The jewels in the crown were that they both fulfilled their dreams,

  • The first, riding her horse alongside her father to church.
  • The second, Heidi and Steven getting married
  • Third, arriving back together at the reception in a stunning horse drawn carriage
  • Finally, wedding pictures with all their Collies on a garden bench in the new garden.

Now that’s what we call a wedding!


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