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Four Jays are leading providers for events and commercial requirements, they are a one-stop-shop solution for your hire needs.

On this page you will find detailed descriptions along side a few photographs. We can hire everything from furniture to toilets, power to disposal. We supply these products for a wide variety of events. For example weddings, parties, trade shows, agricultural events and conferences. We are also able to supply all that you might require for your construction site, workplace or farm.

We have provided a full range, for thousands of events and our experience can give you peace of mind.

This is only part of our range, we are not able to show all products in a few pages. For further details please fill out your request or call 01622 843135 for more information on our complete range.

Our Event Toilet Facilities

Event Toilet Facilities

We have a wide variety of event toilet facilities to suit your attendance numbers and style of event. Our trailers are available in two styles, Re-circulating and Mains Fed. Re-circulating units require only an electrical supply, whereas mains fed units require electricity plus mains water supply and drainage facilities. Individual event toilet units, multiple urinal units and disabled units are also available to hire as either mains fed or re-circulating. Contact us today and we can help you decide the best number and type of toilet facilities to choose from.

Commercial Site Toilets

The welfare of your site crew is essential and Four Jays can deliver Commercial Site Toilets to suit your needs. We have a large range of site toilets that can accommodate any size of site and personnel. Our servicing can also be booked at the time of hire. At which time we can also recommend the frequency needed based on the number on-site throughout the day. Our Commercial Site Toilets can be delivered to a large area in the Southeast and beyond. If you would like to book yours, then contact us today.

Wedding & Party Toilets

When you have an entire wedding, party or fundraiser to organise, thinking about facilities may not be top of the list. The customer service team at Four Jays will be able to make sure that you have thought of everything, even the toilets. We have an extensive range to suit all sizes of events. For Wedding Toilet Hire we have our prestige hire range, or for something a little more fun we have themed toilets, such as our Shepherd's Hut toilets! Click here to discover our range and contact us to book or if you have any questions.


Our chiller trailers for hire are perfect for caterers. As well as making sure that the food meets the highest possible standards, it is also a food safety requirement. Therefore, when you hire a chiller you will have real peace of mind because you will know that all foodstuffs have been stored at the appropriate temperature before serving. Our range of chillers will fit every need. Not only are they fitted with a hygienic floor and wall covering, but they also come complete with lighting, shelving, a step and a full-sized door with an external lock. The cooling temperature of the average chiller temperature is 4°C. The trailers must be connected to a standard 13amp supply and are specially built for trailer use. They are available for delivery across the South East.

Track and Roadways - Temporary Ground Protection

A really  practical solution if your ground conditions are not perfect. This may be for delivering equipment but also for visitor routes and gateways which can heavy damage if protection is not laid. Sectional panels which will take ..............Kgs weight.

Pedestrian Management

Ensuring the safety of visitors to events is paramount.  Four Jays can provide solutions which including Security Fences & Crowd Barriers.  We can give you invaluable advice about the best solutions for your public event. We deliver to site and collect at the time you need them.


Additional electrical power for your event can be provided using a Four Jays Group generator. To advise you accurately as to the size of generator you will require, it is essential that we have the full information of the electrical services you will be using:  lighting, cooking facilities/catering areas, chillers, entertainment and heating. Often more than you may have thought of in your initial plan! Please be aware that your cooking facilities will draw the most power and often it is helpful if we can talk to your caterer to  establish the facilities they  will require.

Disabled Facilities

Providing disabled facilities at your event or on site is essential, our dedicated team can advise you on the ratio you will require.  We are also up-to-date with the latest regulations and can recommend the best solution.

Commercial Hire

Four Jays Group is one of the leading providers of commercial and site hire products. From toilets to welfare units, canteens, showers, drying  areas, portable office accommodation; we have it all covered.

China & Table Linen Hire

Our extensive range of China Hire can be viewed by clicking the link to Janet's China Hire

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