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Four Jays are leading providers for events and commercial requirements, they are a one-stop-shop solution for your hire needs.

On this page you will find detailed descriptions along side a few photographs. We can hire everything from furniture to toilets, power to disposal. We supply these products for a wide variety of events. For example weddings, parties, trade shows, agricultural events and conferences. We are also able to supply all that you might require for your construction site, workplace or farm.

We have provided a full range, for thousands of events and our experience can give you peace of mind.

This is only part of our range, we are not able to show all products in a few pages. For further details please fill out your request or call 01622 843135 for more information on our complete range.

Our Wedding & Party Toilets

Prestige Toilet Trailers

When thing really matter, Prestige trailers are the perfect  choice for your wedding or party. Beautifully presented with attractive interiors, handwash basins, mirrors etc. Our Prestige toilet trailers vary from a double 'male and female' trailer to up to four cubicle trailers of varying configurations. We can also add disabled cubicles and urinals.

Themed Toilet Trailers

For a different take on your toilet facilities: individually themed trailers - a bit  of  fun! The Shepherd's Hut is perfect  for woodland and farm settings bringing a touch of the vintage countryside to your event. The  Lift and Fly  Trailer encompasses you in the clouds - more exciting than normal airplane toilets! The Gentlemen's Trailer - say no more! Fun, themed toilet trailers to entertain your guests.

Individual Party Toilets

Individual Party Toilets A toilet trailer unit is usually the most  -suitable for an  event. However if a trailer unit is not suitable for your location we are able to offer individual party /event toilet units. Standard cubicles, disabled units and towable units are all part  of the range. These are designed as re-circulating units and no water supply or drain facility is required. . Mains Single Units as an option As an option that may suit some customers, our single  units can be supplied if a fresh water supply and foul drainage facilities are located suitably.

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