Catering Tents and Areas

Tent sizes vary in width between 3m, 6m, 9m, 12m, 12.5m and 15m with lengths between 3m and 15m.


Catering Tents & Areas are marquees attached to the main marquee and are screened off from the main marquee interior with a baffle wall so you cannot see into the caterer’s kitchen space. However waiting staff have easy access  in and out of the main marquee area.

Catering tents are usually a separate smaller marquee attached to the main marquee with good access created.

Catering areas are usually larger and the same width as the main marquee.

They can either be a partitioned section of the main marquee or an additional marquee of the same width as the main marquee.

Catering tents and areas are generally supplied with coconut matting (stretched and pinned to the grass) and lighting as standard. Solid wooden flooring or Caterer Roll can also be provided if required as alternative flooring.

Other facilities can be added. Catering packages are also available, please see below for an example.

Catering Package Example includes

Service tent, natural matting, lighting, stainless steel topped trestle tables with leg extensions, standard trestle tables, baffle wall, staff chairs, external flood light, electric plan, board, fire blanket, CO2 fire extinguisher and furniture installation service. POA

See catering accommodation sizes offered below.

Catering Tent addition

Baffle Wall in Marquee Lining

Hidden entrance

Large Catering Area

Showing a range of possible facilities

Stainless Steel Topped Tables

Work surface height on extension legs

Caterers Roll Flooring

Staff Facilities included

Partitioned Section of marquee

Catering Tent Sizes

Extra Small Small Medium Large X Large XX Large
3m 3x3m 6x3m 9x3m 12x3m
6m 3x6m 6x6m 9x6m 12x6m
9m 3x9m 6x9m 9x9m 12x9m
12m 6x12m 9x12m 12x12m
15m 6x15m 9x15m 12x15m
5 (3m leg)m 12x5m 12.5x5m 15x5m
10 (3m leg)m 12x10m 12.5x10m 15x10m
15 (3m leg)m 12x15m 12.5x15m 15x15m