Clearspan Marquees

Customers choose Clearspan Marquees as they offer a large, clear and open space for any event. With no central poles, the table set-up is much more flexible.

Standard height Clearspan marquees are 2.4m to the eaves and ideal for all events and are most frequently installed.

Non-Standard height Clearspan marquees are 3.0m  to the eaves allowing extra clearance for certain set-ups;  ideal for corporate events, conferences and trade events requiring raised staging, dias and tall display boards, projection and screens etc.

Marquees can be fitted with either solid or window walls enabling an outside view to be incorporated into the day. Most walls  can be drawn back when the sun is shining to allow the party to extend outside. Due to their design flexibility, various shape configurations can be created: from rectangular and square to ‘L’shaped, wide or narrow.

Heavy-duty metal framing, along with a suitable ground fixing option, gives the marquee great stability.   Clearspan marquees  can be established on grass and other porous surfaces by way of driven-in ground pins. These are the most suitable surfaces. However, sometimes the only  option is to install on hard surfaces, such as concrete or tarmac requiring water-filled weights to stabilise the marquee. Please note; there is a maximum size of 12m wide for hard surfaces for safety reasons.

Options to add to your marquee

Pagoda entrance ways  provide an attractive focal point. The prefect place to welcome your guests.

Panoramic (clear) roof panels and walls.

Walkways leading into the marquee are available with or without walls. They are a very  useful ‘insurance’ if the event is in the winter or if the weather forecast is not so good!

Further options include:  catering areas with disguised entrance, ‘green room’ extensions, central walls, burst-out external walls for emergency exit, framed glazed entrance doors, promotional banner display rails and much more.

Please view our other product areas for interior styling,  toilet facilities, furniture options and much more.

Maximum seating capacities are defined below.

Seated Capacities

3m 4.5m 6m 9m
3m 10 12 15 20
6m 15 20 25 30
9m 20 28 30 50
12m 30 37 40 70
15m 40 46 55 90
18m 50 55 70 110
21m 60 64 85 130
24m 70 73 100 150
27m 80 82 115 175
30m 90 91 130 200

Standing Capacities

3m 4.5m 6m 9m
3m 15 18 25 40
6m 25 36 55 70
9m 40 54 70 95
12m 55 72 90 125
15m 65 90 110 160
18m 80 108 130 195
21m 95 126 150 230
24m 110 144 170 265
27m 125 162 190 300
30m 140 180 210 335