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F W Mansfield & Son

With over 40 years experience of growing and packing stone and soft fruit from their base in Kent, F W Mansfield & Son need reliable welfare facilities. Suitable amenities for their pickers are situated out in the fields and orchards. As well as for those staff who stay by the farm itself. Four Jays Group supplies individual farm toilets as well as showers and mains toilet trailers. Toilets are placed in areas where they will work best, in order to fulfil the requirements of staff. On a weekly basis, we service the individual toilets that are situated across Rainham to Canterbury areas on the many farms run by F W Mansfield & Son.

We relish working with our clients to find solutions to their commercial problems. Our highly experienced team are always on hand to help and recommend new products from our wide and varying range. If you would like more information on our welfare facilities range click here.