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Frequently Asked Questions. This page will provide you with the answers to the most common questions that we receive. If you are planning a Wedding, Party or Fundraiser then they should help you to organise your event hire. If you cannot find what you are looking for then click here to contact us or call our event team on 01622 843135.

Can I get everything from Four Jays?

The only thing that we are not able to supply is the marquee, food, flowers and music; although we can recommend suppliers who can help with this.

Do I have to arrange an electrical supply for the caterers, I don't know what capacity they require?

We can provide a generator and further power cabling for your event. However, caterers usually require the largest volume of power. We specifically need to be advised by your chosen caterer as to the capacity they need (helpful to know the type of equipment they will use) and we will provide a quotation. It is important that we can liaise with the caterer to make sure that you do not experience unexpected power failure.

Can you provide heating if it's cold?

Yes we can provide thermostatically controlled heaters and solid doors to help keep the heat within marquees in colder weather. However if your request is last minute, we cannot guarantee that we will have the available stock.

Do I need insurance?

The hirer is responsible for any equipment which is lost, stolen or damaged whilst on site. Therefore we would recommend that you insure the items to cover payment of the replacement costs if any of these eventualities were to happen. Household insurers may be able to add cover to your existing policy. We recommend that you ask your insurer if this option is available to you. There are also insurers who provide bespoke insurance cover for events or weddings. Insurance for hired-in plant for businesses (Commercial Hire Equipment) will usually be able to provide cover for long term hire contracts.