Frequently Asked Questions

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This page will provide you with the answers to the most common questions that we receive about commercial and trade event hire. If you cannot find what you are looking for then you can use our enquiry form to contact us or call our event team on 01622 843135.

I am new to running an event and need your advise. Would you arrange to visit the site to help me make the right choices?

Yes. Events usually need quite a lot of discussion before we can get an accurate quote to you. The earlier we can be involved the better. The best method is for one of our team to meet you at the proposed venue; We can then see the area and discuss equipment you may want to consider. 

Can you guarantee an installation date?

We will always agree an installation date. We aim to meet this agreement, but it is always dependent on weather conditions in the run up to and on the day. We will keep you informed if our plan needs to be changed. 

I'm not sure how many toilets I need?  We have unknown visitor numbers and our event runs for 3 days. We know that we don't have a water supply or drainage on the field. 

If you can give an idea of visitor numbers, plus any exhibitors and staff you may have on site it will help us to recommend the right number of cubicles?

We can advise that the style of toilets that would cover your event would be portable toilets or toilet trailers with daily servicing.

When you have toilets on site for longer than a day we can provide daily servicing including cleaning, disposal of waste and recharging of water. We can also supply attendants for the duration of your show to cover the day-to day management of the toilets. Please ask one of our team for more details. 

Do I need to insure the equipment that I hire from Four Jays?

You, (The hirer) are responsible for any equipment that is lost, stolen or damaged whilst on site. Therefore we would recommend that you insure the items to cover payment of the replacement costs if any of these eventualities were to happen. You will probably have insurance cover for your event and it is advised that you confirm with your insurers that the cover extends to any hired-in equipment.  

I am chair of our village fete committee and wondered whether we can just hire chillers from you?

Yes, we supply all of our products separately. Products that we hire include toilets, chillers, pedestrian trackways, fencing and much more.  

Delivery charges apply.