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Hillreed Homes Ltd

As Property Developers with over 30 years of providing homes in Kent, East and West Sussex, Hillreed Homes Ltd have hired from Four Jays Group for over 10 years. We supply various amenities including single chemical toilets, units with heated hand wash and single mains toilet units.

The range of units Hillreed Homes Ltd now hire from Four Jays Group has grown to include Portable Accommodation. Their sites have more recently utilised Mains jackleg toilet blocks, 20’x8’ Offices, 20’x8’ Canteens, as well as, 12’x8’ Offices with staircases, when required.

We relish in working with our clients to find solutions to their commercial problems. Our highly experienced team are always on hand to help. They are able to recommend new products from our wide and varying range. If you would like more information on our toilet range click here.