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W B Chambers Farms Ltd

Four Jays have worked with W B Chambers Farms Ltd for over 14 years providing toilet facilities and regular servicing throughout this large and diverse farming and packing operation.

On consultation with them it became apparent that we both needed to provide toilet facilities that were more in tune with the cultural style of the core workforce.

Four Jays investigated the market place and sourced a European style toilet suitable within their farm and packing environments.

A trial was conducted placing several units around specific locations. This proved to be very favourable to the extent that more units are being rolled out across the farms and facilities this year.

Four Jays have listened to our requirements and delivered a totally suitable solution for our valued workforce, we are all very happy. The design is suitable for intensive usage, they are more spacious as well – in general they are cleaner.

Tim Chambers, W B Chambers Farms

We relish in working with our clients to find solutions to their commercial problems, our highly experienced team are always on hand to help and recommend new products from our wide and varying range. If you would like more information on our toilet range click here.