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Four Jays are leading providers for events and commercial requirements, they are a one-stop-shop solution for your hire needs.

On this page you will find detailed descriptions along side a few photographs. We can hire everything from marquees to toilets, power to disposal. We supply these products for a wide variety of events. For example weddings, parties, trade shows, agricultural events and conferences. We are also able to supply all that you might require for your construction site, workplace or farm.

We have provided a full range, for thousands of events and our experience can give you peace of mind.

This is only part of our range, we are not able to show all products in a few pages. For further details please fill out your request or call 01622 843135 for more information on our complete range.

Our Event Toilet Facilities

Event Toilet Trailers

A full range of toilet trailers suitable for event organisers of trade shows, fairs, large events continuing over several days and others. Our products range form  multi personnel use  trailers of various configurations to single  toilet units, urinals and disabled facilities. We can offer re-circulating units (requiring only an electrical supply )  or mains-fed trailers (requiring electricity, mains water and drainage suitably located. For a top-end corporate event we can supply our Prestige or Themed range of trailers. We are happy to advise the number and type  of toilet  facilities  you will require for the number of guests, exhibitors or  members of the public you are expecting. Along  with our toilet facilities  we also offer sleeper cabins and shower facilities.

Individual Event Toilets

Individual event toilets can be arranged in groups or used singly for a small number event.  They are ideal for trade shows, agricultural shows, festivals, concerts, village fetes, community events ploughing matches, and more.   The range includes  standard toilet cabins, disabled cabins, european-style (without seat) cabins or urinals. If your event last over several days, our servicing team can be available manage the toilet facilities;cleaning, discharging and topping-up  consumables. Our expert Event Team can advise you  on the  number yo will require for the volume of visitors you expect.

Event Showers, Sleeper Cabins and Handwash

Some of the other equipment that you may want to include in your event plan. Overnight stay traders and exhibitors appreciate these further units to enhance their enjoyment of your event: Shower Units, Sleeper Cabins and Handwash stations.

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