Electrical power for your event can be provided using a Four Jays Group generator. 

This could be to supplement your own household supply or if you need power in the middle of field; the optimal electrical solution can be provided to match your requirements.

We have a  range of sizes of generators suitable for all types of event  – see below.

It  it important to check what electrical supply is required for all your services.

Power drop or cut through overload is the most frequent problem encountered at an event.

Electrical supply /electrical items will be used, by your caterer (the highest power user), band/disco, lighting and heating.

Please be aware what  volume of power will be required overall and give us a call so that we can assess what size of generator you may need.

Power volumes as follows:

100 KVA Super Silenced Diesel

40 KVA Super Silenced Diesel

30 KVA Super Silenced Diesel

25 KVA Super Silenced Diesel