Temporary Roadway

Temporary Roadway / Trackway is available in 2.4m x 1.2m panels. You can either hire as supply only, or installed. They can be loose laid for quick temporary access, or clipped together (without tools) to form semi permanent roadways and car parks. This enables you to access your site or event venue even in the worst weathers.

Trackway provides ground cover stand vehicles up to 50 tons in weight. The panels are light and easy to handle manually, there is no need for a hiab lorry! A cost effective solution to access problems.

Temporary trackway is also very useful for providing pedestrian access. Whether from car parking to the main party area or at event entrance doorways.

Please note – Temporary roadway will have an effect on the under surface. Grass is particularly effected, however it will recover. The recovery time is dependent on the subsequent weather conditions, vehicle use and the duration of the the roadway installation.

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removing trackway

Ground protection at entrance

Laid as a double track

Entrance and gateway protection