Mains Multiple Toilet Trailers

Our Mains Multiple Toilet Trailers will provide you with an economical solution to your toilet requirements. The units require connection to mains water supply and mains drainage (or a self contained waste system).

There is no need to service these units unless events lasting longer than a day. No chemicals are used, as they operate fresh water flushes. Provided that water pressure is sufficient, a greater capacity/volume of people may be possible per unit. All these units require at events is cleaning and the replacement of consumables such as toilets rolls and paper hand towels. These can be provided on a sale and return basis; Four Jays Group can of course provide these services or an attendant, if required, even though the unit does not need emptying.

As an option, mains toilet trailers can be connected to a water tank if mains water is not available.

We are here to help advise you on the best solution for your toilet facilities. The range is ‘mind-boggling’ so we are at hand on the end of the phone to help you  –  01622 843135

Prices subject to delivery and collection charges.

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Personnel capacity of mains units

Range Female Male Additional Disabled Urinals wash hand basin / warm water Size
Mains 3 + 1 +1 (3+2) 3 3 1 un-designated toilet 3 4 20' cabin
Prestige Mains 3 + 3 3 3 - - 2 2 22' cabin
Mains 4 + 2 4 2 - - 4 3 20' cabin
Mains 5 + 2 5 2 - - 4 3 20' cabin
Mains 12 Bay Single Cubicle 6 6 M/F configuration to suit 12 20' cabin
Mains 3 + 1 + Disabled Trailer Tolet 3 1 separate trailer with all facitlities 3 3 30' cabin
Mains Disabled Wet Room / Toilet and Shower inc gas shower facilities 1 1 10' 6"cabin with 8' ramp

Mains toilet unit 3 + 1

Mains toilet unit 2 + 1

Gents side

Mains toilet unit 2 + 1

Ladies side

Mains toilet trailer on site

Mains Prestige Toilet Trailer

Adapted Prestige Trailer - Discharge to main drainage facililty if available