Urinal Multi Units

To provide sufficient toilet facilities at larger events, urinal trailers / units offer a cost effective way of providing adequate male urination stations. This reduces the number of actual toilets required whilst also preventing queues.

We have a range of urinal trailer sizes, from 6 to 25 urinals per unit. The poly unit is an extremely useful addition to your toilet facilities to alleviate queuing problems for the unisex single toilet units.

Our toilet trailers have a deep green exterior and off white interior that is finished with a wooden trim.

Scroll down to view detailed information and more images of these trailer units.

Our toilet trailers are mostly re-circulating units, that will need a power supply for the pump and lighting to work. We will require access to be able to drive the trailer into place. We can provide pump outs and services on our toilets if required, please discuss this with us when you book. Prices subject to delivery and collection charges. If you have any further questions regarding this product contact us today by phone: 01622 843135 or email enquiries@fourjays.co.uk.

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Urinal trailer

6 man urinal poly unit

Interior of 6 man poly unit

Blue urinal poly unit in the mix

interior of blue unit